• Brand: Gold Medal
  • Model: 8120-00-000
  • Availability: In Stock
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Take this warmer all the way to the bank. It's the ideal unit for smaller concession areas that want to pack a big punch with multiple items - from jumbo pretzels to hot dogs to French fries and other lip-smacking treats that are best when served piping hot and tasty fresh.


  • Simple Operation - Off/On Switch
  • Temperature Control Dial
  • Electricial: 120V/10A/1200W
  • Convenient Warming unit offers a way to store and serve fresh food, including but not limiited to: Hot Dogs, Pretzels, Burgers, Chicken Sandwiches and more.
  • Approved for Volatile Foods
  • Perfect for grab-and-go environments
29 in
18.25 in
15.25 in
64 lb

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