• Brand: Maxx Cold
  • Model: MXCR72M
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MAXX Cold Mega Top Salad Prep Table Units are designed for performance. Stainless steel interior and exterior ensures maximum durability. The MXCR series features an easily serviced backmounted compressor. The Salad Prep Unit is designed with a unique airflow system that allows products to maintain NSF required temperatures.


  • Description: Mega Top Salad Prep Refrigerator
  • Dimensions: 30"D x 72"W x 36"H
  • Cubic Feet: 19
  • Temperatures: 28°F to 39°F (-2.2°C to -3.9°C)
  • Watts: 814
  • Weight: 349 lbs.
  • Sizes & Pans: (30)1/6"x4" Pans