Candy Apple

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Gold Medal 4016 Double Batch Reddy Apple Candy Apple Cooker

The Double Reddy Apple Cooker's high wattage heating element (1800 watts) is ideal for doing a doubl...

19% Savings!
Gold Medal 4008 Reddy Candy Apple Cooker

Gold Medal 4008 countertop Reddy candy apple cooker brings candy apple production to virtually any l...

19% Savings!
Gold Medal 4416 Hot Shot Electric Counter Top Candy Apple Stove

This is really a deluxe unit - special German-made heating element with infinite control lets you co...

19% Savings!
Gold Medal 4211 Caramel Apple Dip Warmer

4211 Twin Caramel Dip Warmer. This Deluxe Water Bath Warmer is a necessity to avoid burning any of t...

21% Savings!
Gold Medal 4211C High-Output Twin Caramel Apple Dip Warmer

4211C Twin Caramel Dip Warmer. This unit heats in half the time of the original warmer. Open tub and...

19% Savings!
Gold Medal 4110BG Awesome 16" Gas Apple Cooker Only

Awesome Apple Cooker 40,000 BTU Gas Burner. Must be used with GM-4009 Aluminum or GM-4111 Copper Ket...

21% Savings!
Gold Medal 4111 Copper Apple Kettle 16"

Copper Kettle for the GM-4110GB Awesome Apple Cooker 40,000 BTU Gas Burner. Features: Hand ...

18% Savings!
Gold Medal 4110HD Gas Stainless Steel 19" Apple Kettle Cooker

This stainless steel unit solves the problem of outlawed copper kettles and is 50% larger than any e...

21% Savings!
Gold Medal 19" Stainless Steel Kettle

Gold Medal 19" Stainless Steel Kettle only for the GM-4110HD. This is for the kettle only. Shown wit...

11% Savings!
Gold Medal 4777 Caramel Melter Quicker Dipper

Save More than 2 hours on Caramel Warming time with the quicker dipper, featuring an all new non-sti...

21% Savings!
Gold Medal 4300 Dial-Type Candy Thermometer

The Dial-Type Thermometer is the only Candy Thermometer in our inventory. The problems with mercury ...

40% Savings!
Gold Medal 4185 Deluxe Apple Hacker

Gold Medal Deluxe Apple Hacker cuts a apple into 8 slices and cuts out the core with no operator fat...

21% Savings!
Gold Medal 4009 Spun Aluminum Apple Kettle 16"

Spun Aluminum Kettle for the GM-4110GB Awesome Apple Cooker 40,000 BTU Gas Burner. Features: ...

21% Savings!
Gold Medal Steam N Clean Lid

Put a little water into the dirty kettle, turn the heat on, put on the 67216 lid and in just a fe...

8% Savings!
Gold Medal 4140 Aluminum Candy Apple Pan 18" x 26"

Candy Apple Pan, 18" x 26", aluminum, steel reinforced lips. Features: Dimensions: 18" x 26...

22% Savings!
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