• Brand: Server
  • Model: 82847

The Whipped Topping Can Cooler is designed to drop into an insulated serving bar and holds a 14 or 15 oz (.41 -.44 L) aerosol can of topping. This cooler kit comes with a deep HOLDCOLD fountain jar (black), stainless steel insert and lid. HOLDCOLD jars are constructed of durable ABS plastic and filled with a non-toxic refrigerant gel.

Prior to use, place the jar in the freezer for eight hours. HOLDCOLD Jars will maintain product temperature for up to 12 hours, when placed in an insulated bar and filled with refrigerated product.

Standard features include:

  • HOLDCOLD jar offers extended cooling time, up to (12) hours
  • Insert and lid are stainless steel
  • Accepts a standard 14 or 15 oz (.41 -.44 L) can of whipped cream
  • 2-year warranty


  • Construction: Gel-Filled ABS plastic jar with stainless steel insert and lid.
  • Capacity: Single 14 or 15-oz (.41-.44 L) aerosol can
  • Dimensions: 10.38"h x 4.69"w x 7.5"d
  • Ship Weight: 5lb