• Brand: Curtis
  • Model: 70280000306

Stronger, clearer, more comfortable, and leak-proof. It's easier-to-handle and a breeze to clean. The new Curtis Crystalline Glass Bowl. Made in the U.S.A. by Schott, these new Curtis Glass Bowls are produced from a highly-polished mold, superior materials and finished with a proprietary annealing process. This results in a superior tempered glass bowl with a solid, consistent wall thickness throughout the entire sphere. The Curtis Crystalline is incredibly break resistant and dazzlingly clear. The bowl features a new sloped handle design and thumb “rest”, allowing any size hand to obtain a firm, yet gentle grip. The handle's angle and position has been optimized for easy pouring, regardless of the bowl's volume. And, a little extra room has been added to keep knuckles away from heat. Use the Curtis Crystalline once, and you'll immediately see why it is the new industry standard. Logo on Decanter Bowls: Curtis. Case of 24.

45 lb
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