• Brand: Curtis
  • Model: EXPR10024

Introducing the Curtis Expressions Multi-Flavor Beverage Dispenser

Beautifully styled, digitally advanced and financially rewarding, there's never been anything like the all-new Expressions Multi-Flavor Beverage Dispenser from Curtis. It captures attention from the moment your customers walk in. The endless flavor combinations stimulate more impulse sales.

But the real beauty is what lies behind its stunning surface. Curtis has incorporated the industry's most advanced digital technology . G3 ADS . into the new Multi-Flavor Machine. It's this G3 technology that dramatically simplifies use, minimizes maintenance costs and increases your profitability.

  • G3 ADS Digital Control Module (G3/ADS) – Provides precise control over all critical blending and dispensing functions.
  • Pre-Dispense – Easy to use. Choose a size from small, medium or large by the touch of a button.
  • Factory Pre-Set – for out-of-the-box operation.
  • Irradiant LCD Digital Display – Extra bright and easy to see.
  • Scroll-Through Precision Programming – Adjust powder flow in 5% increments and water temperature from 80°F to 200°F to create the perfect hot or cold beverage for your operation.
  • Uniform Programming – Ideal for large rollout
  • Access Code – Prevents unauthorized access to programming and control features.
  • Touch Controls – Smooth and easy-to-clean.• Touch Controls – Smooth and easyto- clean.
  • On-Board Diagnostics – continually senses proper operation. A Service Number will be displayed if technical assistance is required.
  • Fully Sealed – G3 chips and processors are encapsulated in an impact-resistant polymer, virtually eliminating the harmful effects of heat, moisture and physical damage.
  • Direct Drive Mixing Augers – Ensure smooth high-speed blending of powdered drinks.
  • High Velocity Whipping Motors – Sloped whipping motors ensure smooth, high-speed blending of powdered drinks.
  • Digital Temperature Control – Precisely senses water temperature and level to maximize energy efficiency and prevent heating element burnout.
  • Fixed-Flow Water System – Ensures precise drink blending regardless of irregularities in water pressure/volume.
  • Standard 120VAC Operation – Makes installation quick and simple.
  • Curtis Exclusive 3/2/1 Warranty – 3-years electronic components, 2-years