• Brand: Curtis
  • Model: TLXP1901S000D

ThermoPro Pour Pot Servers with Insulated Stainless Steel Liner... the unbreakable way to keep coffee hot, fresh & delicious.

From breakfast to dinner, pour hot, fresh-brewed coffee any time in the Curtis ThermoPro. These high-tech thermal servers are constructed entirely of stainless steel for durable, long-lasting use. Each features vacuum insulation to maintain coffee's just-brewed temperature and seal its tempting aroma and flavor for hours . . . WITHOUT additional heat!

Brew-Direct Convenience. ThermoPro Servers (CLXP Models) are compatible with the new Curtis G3 Alpha, ThermoPro Alpha, and other decanter-style brewers. They are available in both regular and decaf models. (Regular and Orange Decaf lids may be ordered separately.)

Taller ThermoPro TLXP Models are perfect for brewing directly from Curtis Thermo Alpha (D60GT) Brewing Systems.

Comes in a case of 6.


  • High-Tech Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Liner – Keeps coffee hot and at its peak of freshness without additional warming.
  • Unbreakable – Unlike glass, stainless steel liners will not break when bumped or dropper.
  • Brew-Direct Design – Fits directly below the brew cone for simple filling.
  • Ergonomically Engineered – Comfortable handle and large spout allow for easy pouring.
  • Server or Self-Serve Use – Smaller TLXP12 is ideal for “leave on the table” use freeing up wait staff to serve customers.
  • Fits on Standard Warmer
    * CAREFUL: Warmer should be disconnected by a qualified service technician when using stainless steel servers.
28 lb
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