• Brand: Gold Medal
  • Model: 8027

Gold Medal Elephant Ear Frying Mix. Each bag of mix plus 5 lbs. of flour makes approx. 30-32 ears.
The large 1" (30 cm) discs of fried yeast- type dough, smothered with butter and cinnamon sugar really turn folks on! Our mix requires only flour and water to be added.
You mix, let rise, cut into "- " (13 cm) biscuits, let rise again and roll out very thin.
Fry and serve with butter topping and cinnamon sugar. You can also use Funnel Cake Toppings for higher sale price. The secret to success is a good mix (Gold Medal's Frying Saucer Mix) and rolling them out very T-H-I-N so you have a big one! Case is 24 bags.

20 lb