• Brand: Primo
  • Model: PSM-40E
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Safety guard, dough hook, kneading bar, and bowl are made of stainless steal. A solid and sturdy construction. The ability to knead both small and large quantitiy of dough perfectly.

The mixer can run in 3 modes:

  • Manual: the timers are disabled.
  • Semi-automatic: Allows the mixer to operate only in 1st speed or 2nd speed.
  • Automatic: the machine automatically switches from 1st to 2nd speed and stops once the set time has elapsed

The direction of the bowl rotation can be reversed to facilitate dough removal.

Technical Specifications

Power: 3 Phase: 1.6KW(2.1 HP) of 1 speed, 3.3KW(4.4HP) of 2 speed, one motor.

Voltage and Frequency: U.S. market 208V, 60HZ. Other market 380V-415V, 50HZ or at customer's option.

Specification Sheet