• Brand: Encore
  • Model: 63807

Durable with a Sparkling Presence.
Longevity in Use, Reduced Liability from Glass Breakage, More Economical Then Disposables, our Plastic Drinkware is a Better Overall Value despite a higher initial expense, thus Lowering your Overall Operating Costs.
Eliminate the Liability of Glass Breakage. Plastic does not Shatter like Glass making Clean-up Easier and Faster. The Danger of Lacerations and Contamination of Glass Chips is Eliminated. Even if broken and Cracked, Plastic does not have Sharp Edges.
Since Plastic Drinkware is Lighter than Glassware Allowing Servers to Carry More Drinks. No Need to Handle with Care. Bump Against the Counter, Bang on the Table, Pick Up in Bunches; Its OK with Plastic. Use Metal Ice Scoops Too.
Although Plastic does not Break as Easily as Glassware, They don't Last Forever and will Eventually Wear Out. When Glassware Breaks, You Replace Them. With Plastic, they should be Replaced as they Wear. Expect Plastic Drinkware to last 3 to 4 Times Longer than your Glassware.
ENCORE Plastic Drinkware is made of a High Grade Polymer which Resists Scratching Much Better than other Plastics including Polycarbonate. Scratched, Chipped and Worn Drinkware has been in Service beyond its Usable Life and Should be Replaced. Customers unhappy with other plastics in the past are now Satisfied Users of ENCORE Drinkware.
Our Tumblers Nest Neatly Together. Stack Them to the Ceiling if you wish. Allows Easy Storage and Takes Very Little Space. Typically, 3 Dozen Tumblers will store in Less Than 1 Cubic Foot.
ENCORE Plastic Drinkware has an almost Indistinguishable Look from Glassware, Not Like the Poor Image of Disposables.
Unlike Other Plastic Products sold for Home Use, Our Drinkware is Safe for Use in Commercial Dishwashers. Our Plastic Drinkware has been tested for use with Ecolab and Auto Chlor Systems, as well as other Commercial Dishwashing Systems. We can also be used in the brush bar systems used in most bars.
Pour Hot Drinks into a Cold Glass? You can with Plastic. Or Pull Directly from the Dishwasher and it's Ready to Use, Without Fear of Cracking.
Plastic Greatly Reduces Condensation. You can Chill and Frost our Drinkware just like Glassware, in fact Plastic Maintains the Frost Longer. While Plastic does not feel as Cold as Glassware, Plastic is Actually Keeping your Drinks Colder Due to it’s Superior Insulation Properties.
ENCORE Plastic Drinkware is Made in the U.S.A. Quality in Construction and F.D.A, Approved Material.