• Brand: Cretors
  • Model: M548D3D-410X-CSS

960 one ounce servings. The new Mach 5 popper is truly a versatile machine! Beautifully styled, and built to last for generations, this popper draws on Cretors long tradition of popping technology and joins it with exciting innovative features!

All stainless steel cabinet and base, two halogen lights and heat lamps are just the beginning! Two Halogen Lights, two heat lamps, and optional customer programmable LED sign sets this machine apart from all the rest in the industry. The popper has a direct drive agitator motor, single thermostat, and an exclusive counter-balance kettle dump and return system with automatic cover lift and eye level lighted rocker switches make the machine easy to operate. The clean-in-place kettle is available in stainless steel or nickel plated, all steel which resist corrosion. Cycling pilot light indicates thermostat is operational and the machine is ready for production. Disposable filter system makes machine maintenance easy and quick. Optional upgrades include Cretors exclusive cornditioner system keeps corn dry and crisp until served. Other options include integrated pump, Sweet/Salt corn switch, One-pop control, and One-Pop with counter, Popit & Topit, bin elevator and bag filler. Show with optional base not included, available as option.

Other optional controls allows the user to change between "salted" and "sweet" corn production, and a Patented One-Pop control, that with a single push of a button heats the kettle, pops a batch of corn and turns itself off after one popping cycle. The One Pop is also available with a counter that records the number of popping cycles. The popper cabinet is available with the Elevator option which allows the popper deck to be lowered if extra corn storage is needed after several popping cycles. An integrated pump, stainless steel kettle, automated bag filler and customer programmed LED sign are other options available to customize the popper. The exclusive Pop-It-n-Top-It option provides an integrated butter topper that is built directly into the corner of the machine, allowing the concession operator to both fill a bag of popcorn and add topping all in one step.

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